How A Business Website Is Valuable For The Kolkata Market?

Do you have a small or medium business without an online presence? Are you happy with your sells? Unless you do not want to grow big, you must not read further but if you want to grow more, want more clients then We will ask you to take few minutes out to read this post.There are 51 million small businesses in India but only 32% of these businesses own a website for their business. Among these businesses, you can consider 10 million hardly with technical knowledge. Recent surveys conducted by Go Daddy and Red shift research shows 63% of small businesses do not have a website.

Most of the businesses are not going for online, as they are not sure about the benefits of having a website. Some reasons why these businesses are holding back from having site are as follows.

40% of businesses think that their business is too small to have a website

17% thinks social media presence/business directory listing has met my requirements

17% of businesses do not think it would help my business

But do you know the benefits of having a website? Remember that a website allows you to promote and engage with customers directly. It is also easily scalable to meet the needs of your business. With the new digital revolution of 4G connection, more than 500 million people in India are using the internet. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. Therefore, a huge number of people are now using the Internet and searching for different products and services over there.

One must take the advantages of this. Suppose if you are having a shop in South Kolkata or South Delhi, then your customer base will be around this area only. However, with a website, you can cater your service and products around the city or even around the country.

Some major reasons to have a website for your small and medium business

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Stay in competition

As mentioned little ago, people are searching for products and services more over the internet than earlier. They are looking at the product specification and reviews before making any choice. Let me give a fact, in Kolkata alone there are 6.27 million internet users. Now imagine that with such a huge figure of users, the numbers of people who are searching for products and services gives you an ample of opportunity to make a mark in Kolkata market just by having an online presence.

However, while doing such searches, if you will not have a website, these people will find you and your services. However, in case of not having a website, these potential customers will shift to your competitors, who have a website. Remember that the top priority for most small business owners is to find new customers.

The decision is yours. Do you want to let this opportunity to go out of your hand?

A website is the sign of legitimacy

In recent times, websites become a sign of legitimacy. People are expecting the businesses to have a website, as they want to know more about you before making the final decision. In case, your business is not having a website, people may raise different questions. People may think that you are a technological Luddite or not get around to it. People may also think you are a shoestring start up that you cannot even afford to have a website. You will not let your potential customers to have such opinion about you.

Give you a brand Value

Remember according to marketing experts, brand value gives more confidence to the customers, while they are making the decisions. Having online reviews like Google business review, the Facebook review can give your brand a good brand value. Your interactions with other customers, your social media presence, the frequency and quality of your posts in blogs can give a great boost to your brand name.

kolkata business websiteYou can say that you already have a brand name then why should you go for a business website with responsive design in Kolkata. We can suggest you that you can check some brand shops of Burrabazar, Posta in Kolkata and you will find that number of them have websites too.


This helps their customers to access them 24x7x365 accessibility to information.

Your 24x7x365 shop

Do you run your business 24x7x365? Obviously, it is not possible to run in such a manner unless you are a big business house. Apart from that, only a very few buyers will come to your physical shop at night. Nevertheless, do you know the numbers of people use mobile or other online devices at night? According to a stat, 45% of online shopping happens at night.

A business website can help you in this matter. It will remain open throughout day and night. It allows your customers to have unlimited access to your product/service information, reviews, a new line of products and services that you are going to offer at any time of the day and from anywhere.

Are you still thinking?

A better Customer Service

One must remember that a happy client means more business. You will get a good number of customers when you are running your shop. In order to manage the customer, you will need a good management system. In a physical store, it can be an issue to handle more than a specific number of customers. However, when you will have a website, it comes with CRM (customer relationship management) capabilities to help manage the existing as also new customers.

The website will help you with the appointment booking system, customer contact list, email marketing, custom enquiry forms and SMS alerts. It will significantly increase the customer engagements.

Final Words

The fact is that the internet has become a strong force behind different business activities. With the introduction of e-commerce website, you can see a significant rise in traffic and business generation. Therefore, imagine that if you will have a website, the way it will benefit you. If you want to take advantage of this fast pace business generation, please do not hesitate to contact one of the best Website Design Company in Kolkata.